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This is a great little side-scroller, set in Japan, you simply have to find our forgetful hero's lost things and collect her dropped coins for bonuses. Be careful not to bump into the busy salarymen who have been slurping their ramen - noodles. Each level gets more difficult, Yuki gets more frantic and speeds up while confronting her inner demon - Zombie Yuki! Stay away from Zombie Yuki as she can be deadly! As you wander around, look out for Mt. Fuji, Kinkaku-ji and The Great Buddha of Kamakura amongst other famous Japanese sights. More sights from Kyoto, Tokyo, Himeji, Nokogiri-yama, etc... might be added later. Good Luck - Ganbatte! P.s. Only 5 levels at the moment and can be finished in less than 10 minute - there's a challenge for you!

Use the arrow keys to move left, right and jump. Walk into things to pick them up, but stay away from the salarymen and Zombie Yuki! Find the level's lost item to move to the new level - good luck! S:Start Game P:Pause P->Q: Quit Game

jump up
movement arrow
p pause
s start
q quit