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You are taking part in a dangerous survival show. Smash, shoot and crush the crowds of bloodthirsty zombies. Upgrade your car buying a variety of power-ups and weapons. In oder to survive you must be quicker then death!

W or up arrow - accelerate.S or down arrow - brake.A,D or left and right arrows - steer.Space or Ctrl - handbrake.Aim with MOUSE.Shot with Left mouse button.To reload, press R.To switch between main and alternative weapon use Shift.Use Shop to buy weapons and upgrades. Switch between shop tabs using €œWEAPON€, €œPASSIVE€ and €œTUNING€ buttons. To buy shop item, select it and press €œBUY€.To change weapon, enter Shop and press €œUP€ or €œDOWN€ buttons in the inventory. Press €œUPGRD€ button to upgrade selected weapon. Press €œEQUIP€ to install selected weapon.In-game, press P to pause.To win a level, you have to kill all zombies. You gain money for each kill. To earn maximum score, smash zombies by vehicle instead of using a weapon. Smash several zombies in a row to receive KILL BONUS and earn extra score.