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Your Zombie Story (Add A Sentence)


The story so far...

Zombie Killer
Massive boulders were rolling fast down the hill, zombies falling before them ... the plan was working. 
Evil Scientist
The boulders were wrapped with leather straps covered in 5 inch spikes. 
Zombie Killer
You could see the guts flying off the spinning boulders as they crushed and ripped through petrified flesh. 
Evil Scientist
But the sheer number of attacking zombies meant that many still would make it to the top, with a deep angry hunger burning inside of them. 
Mr Jack
"We ain't never gonna make it!" I shouted to the pastor, who was piercing a zombie's heart with a sharpened cross. 
Princess Uzi
"My twenty-fifth kill before noon - a new record!" he shouted back. 
Evil Scientist
He was being optimistic, as the zombie under his boot was still clawing at him, its jaw clicking hard enough to break its own teeth. 
Stump chopper
Suddenly, the pastor feels his throat being clenched - he feels his own blood seeping from his skin where the zombie chomped him. He can feel that his end is near. 
NIghtmare walkin psychopath talkin
A fireball comes rolling down the hill, searing and charring the zombie skin. 
Nightmare walkin psychopath talkin
A cauldron of burning oil is catapulted. In the background,werewolves can be heard howling. Salivating with their bloodthirsty eyes. 
Stump chopper
Indiana Jones is driving a truckload of cartons, but he doesn't realize the cartons are carrying zombies! He sees a hitchhiker, and pulls up to pick him up, but then he sees the hitchhiker's zombie face up close. He sees something moving in the trees beyond the road and realizes they are full of zombies.  
Nightmare walkin psychopath talkin
Indiana Jones has a gun that shoots fire, and he uses it on the zombies. 
Stump chopper
He's throwing them off his truck, and shooting them with his flamethrower. 
Nightmare walkin psychopath talkin
Then he rounds the corner, and tons more zombies run out at his truck. 
So Indiana Jones takes a pill that makes him invisible. But the zombies have his truck now. 
Black Beard
Indiana Jones says the pledge of allegiance, now that he is indivisible. 
Stump chopper
Indiana Jones gets torn to shreds by zombies, but then rambo appears. 
Zombie Killer
Rambo confuses the zombies, by talking to them. 
Stump chopper
Rambo asks them I'd they're hungry, and they glare back "yes", except one, the vegetarian. 
Cold steel
Arnold Schwarzenegger is among the zombies ... they get along well together, because they all like doing brainless things. 
Your Headless Highness
Zombies have eaten Mitt Romney's brain! Mitt's body keeps moving, but if you look into his eyes it is like looking into a carved out pumpkin. The villagers run from ZomRomney in his still perfectly pressed khakis.... 
I woke up with a terrifying scream, eagerly waiting for morning when a new sound pierces the night, and I realize it's the emergency broadcast channel.  
I realize now that this is only the start of my "gift". Well, at least the one part about that dream was gonna happen. And later, I realize that once good things happen, something bad has to follow. 
The Walking Daughter
Going back into deep memory, I remember that the siren made from the emergency broadcast was very load. It could've woke up anybody. 
Bunny Hopsalot
Luckily, I had my stuffed pink bunny rabbit and my fuzzy pink bunny slippers to provide solace in even these most horrific of circumstances. Even the constant threat of being eaten alive, or even the thought of four more years of Obama in the White House, can deny me the comfort of my bunnies. 
..........Meanwhile in Atlanta. ScarlettRed yells, "Oh my, my. Whatever shall we do?" Rhett spins around and zombie-screams, "Ahhhhh, M..E..A..T." ScarlettRed turns to flee when she gets knocked over flat. With swords drawn Spartacus and Gannicus literally swing from atop the staircase and misjudge the space needed to flatten Rhett. 
But luckily Brad Pitt showed up and got everyone back on track about the story that's going on here. He shut off the radio, decided he didn't care what was going on in Atlanta and decided it would be best to pick out a good weapong to use from here on out... 
All Of The Sudden When Brad Pitt Was Bit, Rick Grimes Showed Up In A Fiat And Came Blasting Zombies To Shreds. 
Rick Grimes laughed as he slammed through the undead and suddenly a piece of flying bloody zombie flesh flew in his mouth. His spit out the foul object eyes widen with horror. He has been exposed. In seconds, he felt his muscles tighten, his vision getting cloudy and unclear. The Fiat crashed into a wall. Groans of zombies could be hear with the Brad Pitt zombie leading the pack, a star in life and a star in death. His face had a human like smirk as it was saying "welcome to the family."
Tim Smith, Phoenix, AZ
Rick tried to open the door that was jammed seeing the horde of the walking dead getting near in his rear view mirror. His hand cramped up as veins started appearing. He held up his claw like hand and screamed one last time as the last remains of his humanity left him and his eyes turned white and he became the very thing he wanted to kill, the walking undead. 
Jasmine-Elizabeth Blakeney, a Las Vegas NV Zombie
Rick's body writhed in agony as his brain and body were transformed from a living functional state into the realm of the macabre restless undead. As he felt the last vestiges of rational thinking leave his decaying mind, one thought began to grow stronger and stronger, It's very urgency propelling him into sheer madness with the craving. Within Rick was now obly one irrepressable and all-consuming drive...the undeniable hunger for...BRAINS!!!! He MUST...HAVE.... BRAINS.... 
zombies rule 
the humans were loosing there minds quickly the scientists discussed behind the glass window. 
The zombies then renounced their love of brains and all turned vegan. 
At least that's what we all thought. But wait! Look over there, in the apple orchard. Movement! Something is climbing out of the tree! OMG, what IS that thing?!  
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